Golub Petrol

Company "Golub Petrol" DOO has been founded in 1992. With responsible business which in focus has fulfilling of all demands of consumers "Golub Petrol" has raised in respectable company. Primary activity - trade of oil and oil products during time has expanded by developing other activities. Assuming that all gas stations offer the consumers similar services in "Golub Petrol" special attention is dedicated to a quality of fuel and selection of suppliers how we could raise among all by quality. Mostl of the fuel that is offered to consumers in "Golub Petrol" consists "Shell" additives which gives the fuel european quality. Fuel with additives keeps engine in good state, stops creating sludge on valves and makes it clean.


Golub Petrol offers:
Super 98 - 98 octane gasoline, for cars without catalyst
Eurosuper 95 - plumbless gasoline for modern cars with catalyst
Eurosuperplus 98 - plumbless gasoline for modern hi-power cars with catalyst
Dizel D2 - classic fuel for diesel engines
Euro-dizel - fuel for diesel engines which satisfies strict ecological standards of European Union

Golub Petrol guarantees to consumers constant fed of gas LPG, while in next period one of the business challenges will be distribution of biodiesel.



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